Feature Flags

Read the Docs offers some additional flag settings which can be only be configured by the site admin. These are optional settings and you might not need it for every project. By default, these flags are disabled for every project. A seperate request can be made by opening an issue on our github to enable or disable one or more of these featured flags for a particular project.

Available Flags

USE_SPHINX_LATEST: Use latest version of Sphinx

USE_SETUPTOOLS_LATEST: Use latest version of setuptools

ALLOW_DEPRECATED_WEBHOOKS: Allow deprecated webhook views

PIP_ALWAYS_UPGRADE: Always run pip install –upgrade

SKIP_SUBMODULES: Skip git submodule checkout

DONT_OVERWRITE_SPHINX_CONTEXT: Do not overwrite context vars in conf.py with Read the Docs context

ALLOW_V2_CONFIG_FILE: Allow to use the v2 of the configuration file

MKDOCS_THEME_RTD: Use Read the Docs theme for MkDocs as default theme

DONT_SHALLOW_CLONE: Do not shallow clone when cloning git repos